UNISON launch new satirical video attacking Government’s public sector pay cap

UNISON launch new satirical video attacking Government’s public sector pay cap

UNISON video still starring Stephanie Beacham

Public service trade union UNISON has released a new satirical video exploring the Government’s attitude towards scrapping the public sector pay cap.

The short film, which stars former Dynasty actor Stephanie Beacham, takes a sideways look at why public sector workers like paramedics, refuse collectors and teaching assistants should be given a pay rise.

The video is called ‘Pat on the Back’ and is part of UNISON’s new ‘Pay Up Now!’ campaign which attacks what they describe as the Government’s hypocritical attitude to public sector workers – namely that they commend their hard work and dedication while refusing to lift the public sector pay cap.

Watch the video:

Although the short film takes a tongue-in-cheek approach, the message from UNISON is serious: low pay not only affects public sector employees and their families, it also leads to vital public services being run-down as staff leave the public sector for higher wages elsewhere.

Speaking about her involvement in the project, Stephanie Beacham said:

I wanted to do this film because I find it deeply unacceptable that public service staff who keep us safe, look after us when we’re ill and keep our local services running haven’t seen a pay rise in seven years.

Our public service workers deserve more than a measly pat on the back, they need substantially more money in their pockets. The public sector pay cap has to go now, and be replaced with a decent wage.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis said:

Giving public service workers a pat on the back isn’t going to put food on their table, petrol in their cars or pay their bills.

Government ministers have been quick to praise public servants, but slow to appreciate the financial strain their harsh pay policies are putting on households up and down the country.

In the Budget, the Chancellor needs to dig deep and give public service staff a pay rise that more than matches the rising cost of living.

To find out more about UNISON’s ‘Pay Up Now!’ campaign, visit their official site: https://www.unison.org.uk/our-campaigns/pay-up-now/

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