NASUWT criticises Chancellor after Budget fails to address teacher’s pay

NASUWT criticises Chancellor after Budget fails to address teacher’s pay

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Teachers’ union not happy that the Chancellor failed to address the rising problem of teacher’s pay in last week’s Budget.

The General Secretary of NASUWT, Chris Keates, has launched an attack on the Chancellor, Philip Hammond, for ignoring the issue of teachers’ pay in last week’s Budget.

Keates did welcome the small provision made in the Budget for additional funding towards teacher training, but on the whole the reaction from NASUWT was damaging.

Here’s the full statement from General Secretary Chris Keates:

In the Budget, the Chancellor had the opportunity to provide a big and bold solution to the deeply damaging teacher recruitment and retention crisis affecting schools. By not addressing the key issues of teachers’ pay, many more teachers will be lost to the profession and the education of children and young people will continue to suffer.

The failure to deliver a Budget that provides significant real terms improvements in teachers’ pay will further demoralise teachers and make teaching an even less attractive career option for graduates.

The very modest additional funding for teacher training is welcome, but it fails to address the reality of acute teacher shortages across the majority of curriculum subjects.

The Chancellor has failed to grasp the nettle and come up with the solutions needed to address the systemic problems affecting the education sector.

Today’s Budget will simply add to the misery faced by teachers and schools.

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